Ministers in Pastoral Charge

1895-1931 There is no real record available so that it must be
assumed that until that time Stoughton came under the pastoral care of the Superintendent of the Circuit. Again the only names available are those appended to the Trust deeds, when a change of Trust was necessary.
1931-1932 Rev. Leslie Thexton.
1932-1933 Rev. Frank Crowder.
1933-1936 Rev. Alfred Binney. (Stoughton united with the Chertsey Street Primitive Church for Pastoral care).
1936-1938 Rev. S. E. Willson.
1938-1940 Rev. H. Belben.
1940-1941 Rev. Mellor.
1941-1944 Rev. J. B. Healey.
1944-1945 Rev. H. C. Weaver.
1945-1946 Rev. F. Russell.
1946-1948 Rev. Brian Boshier.
1948-1949 Rev. F. Bagwell.
1949-1950 Rev. Herbert W. C. Harris.
1950-1952 Rev. C. H. Venn.
1952-1955 Rev. Edwin Brady.
1955-1960 Rev. Thomas E. Deakin.
1960-1964 Rev. David Jones.
1964-1969 Rev. Derrick Greeves.
1969-1971 Rev. Wallace White.
1971-1978 Rev. John Ducker.
1978-1985 Rev. Brian Pickett.
1985-1996 Rev. David Coote.
1996-2003 Rev. Nick Holt
2003-2008 Rev. Jean Holyhead
2008-2012 Rev. Alan Thorpe
2012-2018 Rev. Asif Das